This is done by accredited skills development facilitators (SDF).

The SDF will register at the relevant Sector Education and Training Authorities SETA(s) as the client’s SDF.
Advise on Skills Auditing in the workplace.
Advise on setting up Training Committees at the workplace.
Compile a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and submit it to the relevant SETA.
Monitor the implementation of WSP and Discretionary Project Grant with monthly feedback.
Assist with application for additional funding to implement training interventions.
Follow up on payments of SETA and provide progress reports.
Keep records of all Discretionary Grant Interventions for reporting as tax incentives.
Draft and submit Annual Skills reports to relevant SETAs.
Serve as a resource with regard to all aspects of skills development.
Our accredited training providers will provide artisan and skills programmes / qualifications.

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